Top 6 Financial Debt Recovery Solicitors Glasgow

Founded in 2006, Group is a UK-based bank management, recoveries direction, and business process outsourcing firm working in the B2C markets with offices in Glasgow and also Stratford-upon-Avon. Its focus is on understanding its customers' needs and delivering innovative solutions which help assemble success for them and to their own customers.

Now employs over 220 FTE with a capacity to expand to 330 FTE across all its extensive sites in Glasgow and Stratford upon Avon to adapt further capacity.

Widely regarded as a pioneer when it comes to innovation and the usage of new technology has established itself as a market leader while preserving its independence from bigger less agile competitors. Since the businesses launch back in 2008 and its team have won a number of high profile business awards includingthe best utilization of technology for itself service customer portal and in 2016 for its own voice recognition dialler platform, as well as being recognised for innovative use of technologies is to date the only DCA to have won both ideal consumer and finest commercial DCA.

Broad sector appeal, functions with an assortment of customers from many of different sectors including, Banking and finance, Telecoms, Utilities, Insurance and Health Care, we are able to work seamlessly across these sectors because of our innovative on grooming procedures which are designed to facilitate a comprehensive comprehension of our customers business prior to commencing work together.


When you work without a taken for granted, we all have some opportunity to get to understand you and your customers, the plan we devise for you is particular to your company needs and evolves along with our venture.

Customer focussed, has worked with the impression that regardless of the current situation a client finds themselves dealing with, so which they are and will always remain a valued customer of our clients, this ethos ensures that functions with its customers across a variety of debt kinds and era. In addition to working with clients on overdue arrears and elderly debt balances also works with a number of clients at very early phase arrears, frequently at a white label capacity representing and carrying the name of some of the UK's biggest names.

Investing in our people, we're a professional services business working to a very higher set of criteria that are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and also as part of the highly recognized Credit Services Association we are dedicated to ensuring that all our people work to the very highest of standards. Training and Development play a key role in the working lives of employees at all levels, Training does not finish once induction is completed but is ever present throughout the working atmosphere.

Quality assurance plays an integral role review in all we do ; QA touches all parts of our enterprise and is coated Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) - Investopedia with our three line of defence and backed up via our very own internal audit team and different compliance functions.

Groups senior management team is composed of some of the most experienced and well recognized professionals in the business, with more than a 150 years joint experience in the world of financials.

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